St. George Volunteer Firefighters & Ambulance Association

3 School Street, P.O. Box 249, Tenants Harbor, ME 04860  ~  Telephone: (207) 372.6122

St. George Volunteer Firefighters & Ambulance Association |  3 School Street P.O. Box 249  |  Tenants Harbor, ME  04860

  • Special dietary food, snacks or comfort food
  • Medication
  • Hearing aids and extra batteries
  • Glasses/contact lenses
  • Oxygen supplies
  • Personal hygiene items
  • Baby supplies: diapers, formula, baby food, favorite toys and books
  • Extra clothing 
  • Bedding, pillow, blanket, etc.
  • Family and emergency contact information
  • Copies of personal documents: medication list, proof of address, deed or lease to home, passports, birth certificates, insurance policies
  • Flashlight and battery
  • Cell phone with charger
  • Pet supplies: leash, collar, carrier, ID, food, bowls
  • Time occupiers such as books, magazines, games or cards
St. George Temporary Community Emergency Shelter
St. George Fire and Ambulance Association Shelter Group Open House
Dan & Jerry Fales at the October 2010 
Shelter Open House, displaying 
home readiness supplies and information.

​In 2010, the late Dan Fales accepted the responsibility of organizing a group of volunteers to assist in the opening and operation of St. George's Temporary Community Emergency Shelter. Volunteers attended training sessions given by the Pine Tree Chapter of the American Red Cross

The Emergency Shelter Group consists of ten members, one of whom is a member of the Knox County Community Animal Response Team (CART) and one who is a liaison to the St. George Emergency Management Director, Tim Polky. The group meets monthly, attends periodic training sessions, and distributes information related to Emergency Readiness  at community events such as Election Day Polls, Blood Drives, and, in warm weather, the Transfer Station.  Information is also available at the Town Office, Monthly Senior Luncheons, and the Jackson Memorial Library.

The contact for the group is David Chase.  
Upon orders from the Emergency Management Director, the shelter will open to the St. George community.

The opening of the shelter will be announced by:
  • local radio stations
  • automatic subscriber email notification 
  • calling the Maine toll free 211 hotline (staffed by trained specialists 24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
What to Bring...
For those that require the shelter, the  Emergency Management team recommends bringing the following: 
Community Emergency Shelter Group
In the event of a natural or man-made disaster, the Fire Department Training Room will serve as the temporary emergency community shelter. The facility is equipped with a generator, is "pet friendly", and is staffed by trained volunteers who live within walking distance of the center and are prepared to respond quickly.   The shelter may be open for hours or for days depending on the nature of the emergency.  

Individuals who would like to receive a phone call, house call, or assistance in the event of an emergency are asked to complete a Citizen Assist Registration Form.  Filling out this form is voluntary.  The information will not be shared with anyone outside of the emergency services community.

The opening and operation of the facility is a joint effort of the following:
  • St. George Emergency Management Director, Tim Polky
  • St. George Volunteer Firefighters and Ambulance Association
  • The Community Emergency Shelter Group
  • The Emergency Food Group

Shelter Location

View Fire Department Training Room in a larger map
Declaring the Shelter OPEN
The Federal Emergency Management Agency educates and empowers Americans to take some simple steps to prepare for and respond to potential emergencies.  

Ready asks individuals to do three key things: 
  • Get an emergency supply kit
  • Make a family emergency plan
  • Be informed about the different types of emergencies that could occur and their appropriate responses.

​Download Recommended Supplies List

Visit the Ready website

Prepare. Plan. Stay Informed.
Ready Campaign
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The shelter is found in the same building as the Town Hall and the Tenants Harbor Firestation.